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gaLife Editorial Objectives

gaLife departments, columns, and features provide a spiritual framework for young adult readers that encourages their pursuit of God and leads them toward a personal relationship with Christ. gaLife serves as a spiritual compass through tough topics and major issues that can obscure spiritual truths and misdirect those who would seek God. gaLife offers sound Christian doctrine accompanied by practical application in a format that is attractive and accessible for our readers.

living[Life] – addresses lifestyle issues, social trends, and moral choices from a biblical perspective. 

deeper[Life]  – is a Bible study designed to develop readers’ awareness of the relevance and authority of the Bible, increase their understanding of the Scriptures, and direct them toward reflection and application of the Word in their everyday life. 

whole[Life] – includes informational segments on physical, emotional, and spiritual health and developing healthy lifestyles. Written expressly with college-age women in mind, this department also includes articles addressing specific health-related issues or trends.

male[Life] – written by a young adult Christian man to give young women insight into her male counterpart, male[Life] paints a portrait of a godly man, his characteristics, aspirations, struggles, and victories as he seeks to fulfill his role in God’s plan. 

[Life]– gaLfeatures: Each month gaL will present a feature article expressing contrasting or complementary perspectives on the same topic. Topics will relate to current issues significant in the lives and experience of our readership. Examples of some key topics are: the validity of the Bible, homosexuality, life purpose, sexual purity, abortion, feminism, and the occult.

gaLopportunites: Freelance writers should send writing queries to the editor to be considered for writing assignments. Submissions should contain the author’s name, photo and a short bio and should be submitted electronically to the editor at info@gaLonline.org or sign up here. Acknowledgement of receipt will be made ONLY if an author will be considered for a future writing assignment.

We don’t pay for web pieces, but we do include a byline, bio and photo.