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Whispers of disbelief fill our ears. Every thought that comes to their minds they shout from the rooftops. We hear them on our campuses as though they herald proven truths but what they share are mere opinions. These thoughts seep into our hearts and nestle up to us to create a reservoir that drowns out the possibility of the existence of God.

Why is it so hard to believe God? Perhaps His voice hides among the shouts that drown Him out? God speak louder to us! Or perhaps if we turn the volume down on our favorite distractions we may hear Him. The real question is,  “Do you want to hear His voice?”

Believing God is not something that happens in the head, it’s something that happens in the heart. We can’t think our way to God. Yes we must know that our sin offends God and Jesus died for our sin. His death pays the price for the penalty of sin. We must accept that act of Jesus as payment for our sin and yield to God the glory due to Him. But to say we can rationalize the details of that confession would be misinformation.

A man asked Jesus about receiving eternal life. Jesus said to him, “Flesh gives birth to flesh, but the Spirit gives birth to spirit.”(John 3:6) He explains that eternal life requires a spiritual birth, which transcends physical capabilities. In other words, we all have a chance to yield to the voice of God.

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