Slim Like Janet

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I recently read an article on Janet Jackson’s battle with her weight. She is the spokeswoman for a weight loss system and within her first two months, first time orders went up dramatically. Janet believes the response was because people identify with her struggle as an emotional eater. Of course! When we see somebody with the same problems we have overcome, we raise our arms and start singing the theme song from Rocky.

Janet talked about the triggers that cause her to overeat, like boredom, sadness, and stress. While her triggers sound familiar, achieving and maintaining the same successful weight loss is an individual mystery. Weight loss systems can be a great aid for affecting the outward manifestations of our internal reality.  But how do we deal with our triggers so that we maintain our desired weight loss goals? We may find ourselves on our favorite rollercoaster weight ride if we ignore the underlying problem(s).

As unique individuals our hurts and joys are so varied that a single system fails to address each of our needs. What we each need is a plan designed specifically for us. Fortunately God deals with each of us on an individual basis. He knows everything happening so much so that He knows if one bird falls from the sky. We are more valuable to God than that bird. God says to bring our anxieties to Him because He loves us. God can address our triggers as we grow in our love relationship with Him. (Luke 12:6,7; 1 Peter 5:7)

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