Rethinking Temptation

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This month we strive to combat temptations! We have all experienced that frozen moment in time when we must determine our path between right and wrong…joy and pain. “That serious?” you ask. Moving in with a man who was not my husband brought me pain and heartache. Yes, that serious if you want to have a good life.

Temptations fit like skinny jeans. We each have our own custom-tailored hot spots that move us closer to doing things we know we will regret. Since one size does not fit all, we each have to learn how to manage our weaknesses. I’ll confess because I hear it is good for the soul. Pride is one of my customer-tailed hot spots. When Jesus was confronted by Satan, he not only tested Jesus’ pride, he tested Jesus’ lustfulness and greed. (Matthew 4:1-11) And while our hot spots vary, the solution is the same. Jesus used the principles of God to resist temptation.

So when I need to back away from my hot spot of pride, I bank on God’s trustworthiness. Instead of using pride as a shield to protect me from shame or embarrassment, I allow myself to remain vulnerable. So instead of jumping from a bridge to look brave, I can wimp out and trust God’s umbrella of protection with my reputation and the outcome of any situation.

But it is impossible to trust God with anything if you haven’t trusted Him with your eternal life. gaL!

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