God’s Not Dead 2 Movie Review: Standing Firm

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Is there anything you feel so strongly about that you would stand firm on your position?  Historically, many people have taken unpopular stances.  For example, Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King courageously stood firmly in opposition to the injustice against Black people that was occurring here in the United States. He endured grave, violent hostility to change a way of life that had been indoctrinated into society for years. His efforts contributed to the end of segregation which allowed Blacks to have the opportunities then only available to Caucasians. He was threatened, attacked, jailed, and ultimately killed because of the stance he took and how passionately he carried out his mission.

Not many people take on such a difficult task. However, there are injustices we see that we can speak out against everyday. Some may seem small, like approaching a teacher giving you a grade you don’t feel you deserve. Or confronting a boss that isn’t treating you fairly. We speak up addressing the wrong, not knowing the outcome, but also knowing that there may be consequences for standing firm on your conviction.

In God’s Not Dead 2 a teacher finds herself in this exact situation.  This AP history teacher simply answers a student’s question about Jesus as it related to history. In her answer, she keeps it factual, related solely to the question asked, including a reference from Scripture to back up her response.  This, in turn, causes an uproar, which could cost her her job, her teaching certificate—her livelihood. In addition, the lawyer bills could cost her her savings. What would you do?  Would you simply apologize and treat the situation as a lapse of judgment, or fight for what you think is right?

These types of dilemmas are common in today’s society. Standing for Jesus can cost you. People may consider you an outcast, too conservative or out of touch. It can result in you losing some of your friends. It can cost you relationships, as society has deemed right many things that God considers wrong. It may even cost you relationships with family members as not everyone has accepted Jesus as their personal Savior.

The movie also depicts a young man who has to decide between God and his father’s edict to dismiss his new relationship with Christ in order to remain a part of his family (Matthew 10:21-22; Matthew 19:29). I want to believe that this doesn’t happen, but it does. My heart ached for the young man. I cannot imagine life without anyone to guide me, love me unconditionally, and be there for me when I need them. I cannot imagine not having someplace to go to celebrate the holidays. But, more importantly, I cannot imagine a life without Jesus who loves me unconditionally and guides me through life, including some of the most difficult times.

In spite of the cost, choosing God is worth it. He will never leave you alone. Therefore, be strong and courageous and stand firm (1 Corinthians 15:58; 1 Corinthians 16:13-14; 1 Peter 5:8-9)!

I believe seeing God’s Not Dead 2 is also worth the cost!

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