Does My Vote Matter Anyway?

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With the upcoming presidential election, we are inundated with commercials, and countless ads trying to convince us to vote for each of the candidates.  All of the news sites update you on the latest jibes at the opposing candidate.  If you are like most people, the decision is not about the better candidate, but about the one you hate least.  So why should you even take time to vote?  I am only one of millions of people, does my vote really matter anyway?

By casting your vote, you are expressing your opinion on who you want to follow.  Romans 13:1 says “Let every person be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and those that exist have been instituted by God.”  God desires order.  Therefore, our government is in place to maintain civil order.  We are required to follow the laws that our government creates, even the laws we do not like or agree with.  If you choose not to follow those laws, you would be considered a lawbreaker and subject to the consequences of breaking the law. 

Voting is a means to express your opinion on which candidate you think will help this country progress in a more unified fashion showing compassion to all its citizens.  We are severely divided on racial issues and immigration which have plagued this country.  And even though we are one of the riches countries in the world, we still have people who are hungry, homeless, and lacking the basic necessities.  This is your opportunity to let the country know who you believe is best equipped to heal and unify the country.

The new president will have the opportunity to appoint at least one new Supreme Court Justice.  Voting gives you a voice on who you think is the best candidate to appoint Supreme Court Justices whose values line up with Christian values.   These justices are appointed for life and make final judgments on cases that have been tried in the lower courts.  The make-up of the justices will determine how the laws are interpreted.  For example, we have seen the family make-up challenged with the courts declaring lawful gay marriage.  This and other such decisions are against what the Bible teaches.  As Americans, we have these rights, but as Christians, we should not be exercising these rights, but we should be showing God’s love to all people. 

The most contested race right now is the presidential election, but there are many local, state, and other national elections being held at the same time.  These elections are just as important as the presidential election to your well-being.  Take some time to read up on the candidates and where they stand on issues that are most important to you.  And pray.  Pray for all of the candidates as you don’t know which person will be leading you into the future.



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