A Journey through the Book of Luke

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I couple of things before we begin our journey through the Book of Luke…

The self-named Book of Luke is a prequel to another book in the Bible named the Acts of the Apostles (Acts), which concentrates on the spread God’s message and Christianity. The Book of Luke is the origin story about Who, what and from where the gospel of Jesus Christ came. Acts shows us the ripple effect of the spread of God’s message, and how the Church came into existence.

The doctor Luke, as an educated man of his time, was the perfect candidate for God to use to write a historic account for someone who had questions about Jesus. Luke may be the only Gentile to write a book in the Bible. He was neither a hand-picked friend nor student of Jesus while He was alive, but he knew people who knew people. Luke knew Paul, one of the hand-picked followers of Jesus. Many think Luke also knew Mary, Jesus’ mother, and that the intimate details of his book came from her very lips.

Keep an open mind on the journey…The Bible is a book written from a different cultural perspective. Consequently, some of us may think their customs reflect ancient beliefs and thus, categorize the people and their “ol’ school” ways as irrelevant. Likewise, we tend to have the same judgment about the message of the Bible. Since we think of ancient culture as irrelevant, we think a book with ancient traditions must also be irrelevant. However, if we can recognize the messages about the human experience that are woven throughout this supernatural book, we can find timeless instructions straight from the mind of God. Are you ready to explore the mind of God?

Question: Do you think the Bible is relevant?

Resource: Case for Christ by Josh McDowell

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