Life in Choas-Want to reign in the madness…

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We are in the process of rewiring the house.  Sounds easy right, take out the old wire and put in the new wire.  Oh no, to get to the electrical wires, the electricians must make holes in the sheetrock to access the wires.  Some of the holes are small, but many take up half of the wall!  So, I am currently living in a construction zone with dust, exposed studs and insulation, furniture in the middle of the rooms and holes in my ceiling.  Breathe!

This reminds me of the story about Jesus and His disciples. They were in a boat traveling across the Sea of Galilee. During their journey, Jesus falls asleep.  While Jesus is sleeping, the winds and the waves become fierce, the disciples freak out…and Jesus sleeps soundly. During the chaos, He was at peace. Why? How?

Your chaos may not be like mine. You may have 5 mid-term exams in one week, if you’re in school, and a job because you have to work your way through college. You may have a too-young-to-be-me health issue or best girlfriend drama. Or maybe you and your man, the one you hoped would be the one, have been having constant shouting matches. Breathe!

Do you need a little peace in the midst of your chaos? If what you have tried has not work, when are you going to be ready to try something new?

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