The Miracle of Miracles

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I distinctly remember the day I met my husband. I spotted him speaking with a friend of mine and proceeded to avoid the two of them. After a little hesitation, I decided to speak to K, in spite this guy’s unwanted company. K said hi to me and never bothered to introduce the guy. However, Ramon decided to introduce himself. That day sticks out because I think about how I almost missed my introduction to Ramon.

In a similar way, God introduces Himself to the world, but in a way in which He won’t be missed. God uses two supernatural births to introduce His arrival. Luke begins way in the beginning with the birth of the baby before The baby Jesus is born. Zacharias (Z for short) wants a baby. He and his wife, Elizabeth (Lizzie) are old and want a baby. He has been praying to God for a long time.

Then an angel comes to tell him that God heard him. Gabriel says that Z and Lizzie will have their baby at the proper time. (Sometimes waiting on God to answer our questions or give us something we want seems like forever.) Z doesn’t believe the angel. Now, I don’t know about you, but if I can accept the fact that I am talking to an angel, I probably would believe whatever comes out of the angel’s mouth. But, that’s just me.

A few months later, the same angel visits a young lady named Mary to announce another miraculous birth. This time the Gab tells Mary that she alone will have a child. Though a little confused, she believes him. Z could have taken a few lessons from Mary on how to believe what an angel says. Mary is the mother of Jesus. The baby before the baby that Z and Lizzie have is John, the Baptist.

Before Jesus begins His ministry, John prepares the atmosphere for Jesus by announcing His arrival. John tells people why they need Jesus and how Jesus will can help them. So, when Jesus came, people understood their need for a Savior.

As we walk through Luke, God will explain our need for a Savior, and Who that Savior is.

Sometimes coming to know Jesus is like the day I met Ramon. I initially tried to avoid Ramon. I hesitantly went to speak with a person who knew. However, now, I am eternally grateful that I met him. In a similar way, I avoided God for a long time. I thought I knew enough about Him to get to Heaven. However, when my life got difficult, I realized that I didn’t know Him at all. Now that I know Him, I am eternally grateful that I do.

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