Are you a sticky friend?

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We live on social media. Is that a bad thing? Not necessarily. Particularly in light of the current coronavirus crisis. But social media can be used for bad purposes. For instance, do the “friends” we follow online consistently encouraging us to do the right thing, or do they influence us to do what they think is right? #Rightisnotrelative. Social media can influence us in negative ways, but we can use it in positive ways too. Getting lots of LIKES on social media may be nice, but a thumbs up from a true friend means more.

A True Friend

The Bible records a friendship between two guys, Jonathan and David (1 Samuel 18:1-2). Jonathan, the son of the king of Israel, is in line to be the next king. However, David was God’s choice to be the next king of Israel. Jonathan knew David would be the next king. Jonathan didn’t compete with David like some of us might if we thought we could be the next queen of the country (1 Samuel 23:15-18). Jonathan demonstrated true friendship to David, including saving his life (1 Samuel 19:1-6). David and Jonathan were true friends (1 Samuel 20:12-16, 2 Samuel 1:25-27).

To what extent would you be willing to help your friend achieve something you want for yourself? Or, to what extent would you be willing to help keep your friend from something you wouldn’t want for yourself? For instance, if you saw her on a deadly path, whether drugs, alcohol, or bullying someone, would you sacrifice cool points to steer her away from trouble?

A Sticky Friend

The Bible also records another friendship shared by two women, Ruth and Naomi. Both of their husbands had died leaving them destitute. While Naomi tried to make her way through life alone, Ruth vowed her unending loyalty to be by Naomi’s side. In the end, God uses their friendship to bless one another, and lift them out of poverty. In fact, God uses their friendship to bless the world. Because Ruth becomes such a loyal friend to Naomi, turns out she ends up being a great grand ancestor of Jesus Christ. Proverbs 18:24 states, “One who has unreliable friends soon comes to ruin, but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother.” Ruth was a sticky friend! You can read all about their friendship in the book of Ruth.

What’s so countercultural about sticky friends? Do we really need to answer that? . . . Which is why if you have any sticky friends, you should give them a shout out! #stickyfriend

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