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There comes a time in everyone’s life where they must embark upon a new journey. It could be starting at a new school or a new job, starting a new relationship after ending a long one, or a time like this where we may have to consider changing our entire way of life after COVID-19.

As states open and cities ease restrictions, I want to send some encouragement your way and help you adjust to this new normal. 

So, the question is “How?” How do we make the transition back into socializing after social distancing? How to adjust since nothing may never be the same? I’m glad you asked! I have a few suggestions that can help you navigate the new in your life! 

1.       Admit your concerns. Why play strong here? If you have anxiety or fears or feel uncomfortable about what’s happening, own it. 

2.       Submit your concerns to God in prayer. God is your ever-present help and can assist you in getting through anything and everything. Tell Him your concerns and allow Him to walk through this time with you. (What if you don’t have a relationship with God?)

3.       Adhere to the guidelines and take it step by step. New situations are scary, but they can be even more challenging when we don’t adhere to guidelines established by government. You also must use common sense to determine what activities are truly essential for you and your family whether they are open or not. You don’t want to take chances and risk your life or your loved ones. Pace yourself and breathe! You got this! 

Pray this simple prayer to the Lord found in Psalm 16:1 as you navigate the new during this time. It says, “Keep me safe, my God, for in you I take refuge.”

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