Growing through COVID

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Our lifestyles and patterns of daily living have been affected in a major way. Whereas we have been accustomed to hanging out, shopping, going to entertainment events, work, and church, life for us has changed drastically. Think of self-imposed isolation as the TIME OUT consequence we sometimes give children. “Go to your room and stay there until I tell you to come out.”

How are you handling this pandemic that has forced us to dramatically alter our life practices? Are you going “stir crazy?” Are you pigging out on snack food? Are you bored beyond belief? Are you catching up on reading, phoning old friends, and even a few frenemies? Whatever the case, you can use your extra time in a productive way or just let it waste away. 

Time on our hands reminds me of the biblical account of the Apostle Paul’s imprisonment for preaching the gospel. His prison experiences were unlike those we witness in America today.   We jokingly describe our own conditions as being on ‘lockdown’, but the Apostle Paul was on serious lockdown.

Interestingly, Paul’s imprisonment served him in an extremely productive way. While enduring multiple prison terms Paul was able to write letters to newly founded churches. He is believed to have written about two thirds of the New Testament. In addition, he preached to his prison guards who were forced to hear the salvation story of the saving power of Jesus Christ. Check out Acts 16:23-30 for an inspiring account of how Paul made the best of his bad situation. Besides, Paul’s imprisonment had a two-fold purpose. Since there were evil men who wanted to see him dead, he was sheltered from potential killers. 

As we shelter in place, we are protected from the potential harm of the Coronavirus. As we begin to emerge from sheltering in TIME OUT, we should continue to follow CDC guidelines: engaging in essential travel only, frequent hand washing, wearing protective face coverings and gloves, there will be victory after this. 

When the pandemic ends, will you thank God for keeping you well, realizing that He spared our lives for His purpose? Will you be able to look back on your time of sheltering in place and marvel at your productivity?

I pray that your thoughts and behaviors will be Christlike. 

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