Soul Detox book study

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Soul Detox is an eight-week online book study of Craig Groeschel‘s book that examines the toxins that assault us daily. Come, take a counter cultural journey with us as we explore how toxic influences, toxic emotions, and toxic behaviors affect our lives. This book study will offer the ultimate spiritual intervention with ways to know what pleases the lover of our souls.

We will be guided through this journey by Veronica Lee. Veronica is a Dallas, TX native who has been involved in youth development, mentoring and advocacy for more than fifteen years – impacting young lives across the nation, including Texas, Georgia, Massachusetts, Colorado, and Arizona. She earned a BA in Economics with a minor concentration in Business Management & Organization from Spelman College in Atlanta, GA. Veronica describes her ministry as “beyond the four walls” and has a personal mission is to inspire hope in today’s youth and young adults so they have a clear vision of their identity, dreams, and a bright future. Most importantly, Veronica loves the Lord and is excited about salvation!!


SEPT. 15 – NOV. 3,  2020


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