How to Survive Toxic Words

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Have you been attacked by words? Lethal language can be destructive and deadly talk can discourage us. When we give words more power than we should, they can kill our dreams and aspirations.

Our exposure to lethal words can come early in life, from an angry parent, a kid on the playground, or a boyfriend. The words can say, “You’re going to end up in jail just like your mother,” “you’re not that special,” or “no one else will ever love you.”

What if Walt Disney had paid attention to the lethal assessment of his writing abilities and talent? Sadly, this aspiring cartoonist was informed by his newspaper editor that he was not creative enough. In 1919 Mr. Walt Disney was actually fired from the Kansas City Star publication because he allegedly “lacked imagination and had no good ideas.” The irony is that his ingenuity, imagination, creativity and good ideas have yielded a proliferation of theme parks, films, television programs and merchandise. But Walt Disney did not ultimately let that lethal assessment affect his drive to achieve his dream. 

Suppose Mrs. Rosa Parks had heeded the lethal words to sit in the area of the public transportation vehicle designated for Negroes? The lethal language Mrs. Parks heard, but refused to heed, sparked a major Civil Rights movement. Just saying.

“Death and life are in the power of the tongue …” (Proverbs 18:21). 

The Remedy for lethal language

Jesus Christ lets us know that His words are spirit and life (John 6:63).  The life-giving Word of God is the ultimate positive affirmation. It tears down lethal language weaponry designed to paralyze us with anger and fear.  The Word of God is life-generating, alive and powerful. When we speak the Word of God over turbulence in our lives, the power of God takes over and the situation strengthens us in faith and truth.  So, speak healing words to yourself. Speak God’s Word into the situation. Deactivate, cancel, and destroy lethal language in your heart.

This Tongue of Mine

Oh, Spirit of the living God
Control this tongue of mine,
No knife is quite so sharp as words,
Yet words can be divine. 
A tongue not yielded to God’s will 
Can stir up awful strife,
Lord use this tongue of mine today
To speak your words of life…

Edward L Crane Accessed 8/4/2020 Accessed 8/492020

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