Green as Grass Toxic Envy

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All of us, no matter our station in life, find ourselves delving into areas of comparison. Who is the prettiest? Who rocks the red bottoms better? Who has the best man? Who secured the Louis Vuitton bag? Whose career is on top? Do any of these comparison questions sound familiar? Have you ever said, “Why can’t I be the best?” Or fill in your own question. The problem isn’t asking the question. The problem happens when follow-up action is taken that may be motivated by feelings of jealousy or envy. 

The story of Leah and Rachel shows what jealousy and envy look like. Genesis chapters twenty-nine and thirty there’s a story of baby mama drama.  Jacob loved Rachel, yet she was unable to have children. Jacob did not love Leah, but she had several of his children. Rachel was jealous of Leah because she was the “baby mama.” Leah had what Rachel wanted so Rachel was jealous of Leah. On the other hand, Jacob clearly loved Rachel. He had no plans on leaving her. This caused Leah to be envious of Rachel. She wanted Jacob to love her like he loved Rachel. Does  this story sound familiar?

The competition between the women reminds us of the statement that “the grass always looks greener on the other side of the fence.”  Whatever life circumstances you are in you must nurture it. There’s no need to get jealous or envious about who gets watered, attention or cut. All grass has needs and all grass must be taken care of no matter what side of the fence the grass is on.  Rachel’s life, Leah’s life and our lives are just like grass (See Psalm 103:15-17). In other words, every life circumstance has its own issues. No matter how good you think the other person has it, they have issues.

The only Person who can truly address every life situation is God. He gives each of us the loving care, and attention we need. Sometimes, He gives a bit more attention to grass that is withering, but at the end of the day, He loves us all in the special way we need to be loved. It’s all grass and it’s all good. 

No need to worry about the side of the fence your grass is on. Just know God’s got you and what He wants is to see you lie down in green pastures, where He’s taking care of the grass, so you can relax and be well (See Psalm 23:2).

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