The Joy of a Single Woman

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I received an advertisement in my email today that read, “It’s Wedding Season!” Summer beckons brides and grooms to start their happily ever after and it’s fun to celebrate this with those we love. In the midst of celebrating the lives of others, isn’t it easy to sometimes feel like you’re missing out?

I remember in college pleading God to let me marry. I struggled feeling content as it seemed like everyone was getting married except me. Was I ever going to marry? Why did I have to wait so long? Was it worth the wait?

As I trudged through college, I wrestled to find contentment. Through years and tears I continued to ask God to change my heart and He did. I became content in my singleness. I still wanted marriage, but I realized if I wasn’t satisfied single, I wasn’t going to be satisfied married either. No circumstance or person can bring lasting contentment. Singleness and marriage both are gifts from God, neither which I deserved.

So I set out to enjoy my gift! I served local ministries and became a mentor. I took opportunities to travel, ran a half-marathon, got to know myself, got to know my God, and got to know my widowed grandma. I found 1 Timothy 6:6 completely true as it says, “But godliness with contentment is great gain.”

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