We are Equal and Loved in His Eyes

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How do you cope with prejudices, biases, and feelings of oppression caused by outside forces? How can a community of people who are experiencing similar feelings encourage one another? An important step to helping others make the journey of healing is to first focus on self. It will be hard to encourage someone else if you are discouraged.

Each of us was created by God. Although we have different colors of skin, we all bleed red and are all created in the image of God. In His sight we are all fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalms 139:14). That eliminates the idea of superiority in truth but not necessarily in people’s minds. 

Consequently, I believe if others do not encourage us or believe in us, we must motivate ourselves. Each of us is loved by God and there is a part of us that can be filled only by Him. When we commit our lives to Him, we receive supernatural hope and a life of purpose which the prejudices and evil actions cannot take away.

As you grow in your understanding of God’s goodness and His purpose for your life, be willing to reach out and strengthen others, encouraging them to know that regardless of who they are or from where they come, their ability to triumph begins with God. Tell them that what they may be going through as a result of others’ biases does not define who they are. Encourage them to refuse to dwell on the negativity of others. Instead, they must establish their own core values and beliefs about themselves.

Freedom, equality and dignity are all divinely and biblically ordained for all humans. So, each ethnic group can encourage another by dwelling on the above realities of life and rising above such fallacies of those who may desire to inflict prejudices or racial ill feelings upon another. Encourage yourself and encourage others to do the same.

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