Politics and Faith

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Wisdom tells us to avoid talking about politics and faith at the dinner table if we want to eat in peace. These topics provoke lively discussion because our feelings are deeply embedded in our opinions of these topics. They shape our philosophy of life as our morals feed into our political views. We protest, vote and blog according to our convictions.

The nature of politics allows us to form our opinions quickly particularly if the issue strikes at the heart of a closely held belief. Beliefs, however, vary from person to person so that we begin to wonder, “Is there such a thing as a perfect answer to the problems politics attempts to solve?” We all passionately represent our perspective of the issues as the source of truth and justice. Who is right?

Knowing the answer to a question like that exceeds our pay grade. If we think about which answers benefit the big picture, then the next question is, “Where does God stand on the issue?” because His perspective considers all of us.

So, exactly which political party gets God’s vote? Of course this sounds ridiculous. Asking about God’s political affiliation sounds almost like asking, “Which team does God want to win the Super Bowl?” While God cares about the outcome, it is generated by the details of the lives of the people according to His plans which takes priority. (Romans 8:28) This is why we are taking a look at politics through the lenses of faith this month.

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