Voting Power

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When I lived in Washington, D.C. the U.S. Government conducted a sting operation to catch a D.C. Government official in an illegal act. The official suffered the embarrassment of being caught in a compromising position, jail time and ultimately the loss of his family. Upon satisfying his jail sentence he eventually ran for the same office and the citizens of Washington, D.C. re-elected him.

I heard one baffled person discussing the whole incident and she could not figure out how the official regained his position after such obvious misconduct. Her vantage point centered on the conduct of the D.C. government official while the citizens of D.C. responded to the conduct of the U.S. Government. Theoretically, his re-election sent a message, whether right or wrong, to the government that the citizens of D.C. disagreed with what they had done.

In the same way, your vote carries the power to communicate a message. The direction of the country depends on the voice of people like you. What you do with your power indicates your perceived value of your vote. How you vote indicates your understanding of truth and justice.

Knowing God leads to understanding the Truth and true justice, which promote a healthy government. God has given us the institution of government for the management of society. For God says, “Let every soul be subject to the governing authorities…For rulers are not a terror to good but to evil” (Romans 13:1-3). Your vote puts those systems in place. Let it count for good.

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