Last minute gifts frustrations!

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It is now less than one week until Christmas. The stores are crowded. The selection is getting limited and picked over and I still have friends and family members to purchase gifts for. Now neighbors and co-workers are giving me gifts too. How can I add all of these people to my list? I barely have enough money to get gifts for everyone I have on my list, now it is getting even longer! What can I do? This is supposed to be a happy time, but I am so worried I am not going to find the right gifts for everyone and have enough money for all the gifts!

Christmas is supposed to be a festive time, but it can be filled with worry as you compare your Christmas gift list with the amount of money you have. But the Bible says in Luke 12:25 “Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life?” In fact, chronic worrying can actually harm your body.

So what can you do to survive Christmas? First, make a list of the people you plan to purchase gifts for with the amount you plan on spending for each person. Look at the total; compare that to the amount you have to spend. If the total is more than you have to spend, look for sales, cheaper gifts options, and creative gift ideas. You may be able to bake something for someone instead of purchasing a gift. Also, consider gifts of service, such as helping someone, especially elderly family members, get ready for Christmas or taking care of the kids while family or friends go out. These gifts are really appreciated and they don’t cost you anything! Merry Christmas!

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