Crying Out

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There are many things we fear. We fear that we will lose our jobs and have no way to support ourselves. We fear that we are going to fail a test. We fear our hair is going to fall in the humid air or that our makeup isn’t perfect. We fear being late for an appointment. We even fear getting a ticket as we speed down the road.

Some of us, however, fear going home or just being around when the man in our lives gets drunk, angry or just plain has a bad day. We tiptoe around trying to be careful not to “cause a problem,” but then it happens. The food isn’t hot enough, the clothes he needs aren’t clean, he doesn’t like the outfit you chose and he hits you. You rationalize that if things were just “better” then these outbursts would stop – he would love you again. But that day doesn’t seem to be anywhere in sight.

You take the beating. After a little while, your soft whisperings evoke a moment of compassion and he apologizes saying if you would only get things right this wouldn’t happen. He hugs you, making you feel loved-until the next time.

This isn’t the relationship God has for planned for you. Instead of cowering into a shell, I urge you to cry out to God, tell someone you trust, seek help. You deserve it.

Psalm 118:5-6a: In my anguish I cried to the LORD, and He answered by setting me free. The LORD is with me; I will not be afraid.

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