Mapping Out a Distraction-Free Future

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This summer marked the fourth decade my family has met to see, touch and smell each other. When I arrived I spied one of my cousin sitting alone with her mouth poked out. She became target number one. After a few questions, she spilled the beans and I landed smack dab in the middle of a teenage dilemma.

Apparently a young man had rocked her world but she broke up with him. He tried to move too fast (in the sexual sense). Saved by good sense, I thought. I tried to convince her that the world has other kinds of adventures. A premature romance could distract her from reaching her potential. She, however, regretted her decision. She just had to have a boyfriend.

Well, she’s not alone. The Bible talks about a man named Samson who suffered because he just had to have a woman named Delilah. Samson had been set apart by God to accomplish a particular purpose. Samson, however, was distracted. While he ultimately accomplished his purpose, it cost him his life. (Life of Samson: Judges 13-16)

I look at my little cousins and see unleashed potential. I have high hopes for them. I try to give them a heads up about the world they have yet to experience. I tell them about its distraction and share with them how to stay focused. I do this because I hope years from now when we meet up at another family reunion I can see, touch and smell the sweet aroma of their blessed lives.

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