Dreaming of Summer

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It is time for summer and I cannot wait! I love spending time during the winter and spring dreaming about upcoming vacation spots until I finally decide where I am going. Many times I like to go to places with beautiful scenery. To me, it is relaxing to just sit and admire God’s handiwork.

As I think about all of these natural wonders, I am reminded of a comment I recently heard. The speaker said that you can have a deeper appreciation of things when you think about them with respect to God. The speaker explained that it is not that you cannot admire things without God, but since everything was created by God it is amazing to think about the time and attention to details God spent on creation. After crafting each piece, God admired what He made and said “it was good” (Genesis 1).

Have you ever sat on the beach and thought about how God created the beach with all its intricate details? God knew that one day you would sit on the sand under an umbrella and bask in the warmth of the sun while the waves whip gently over the sand. Or maybe the beach is not your ideal vacation spot. Maybe you enjoy the mountains. You spend time hiking up a mountainside to a beautiful waterfall where the cool water flows gracefully over the rocks.

Whether you take an out of town vacation this summer or not, take a moment to stop and appreciate the beauty God has placed around you this summer.

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