What’s Hot this Summer?

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Summer of 2015! I enjoy shopping for the latest hot outfits, admiring hot cars, wearing hot hair styles and make-up, and listening to hot music, all of which will be out of date next summer. Hot pants and ‘daisy dukes’ were stylish in 1972. The off the shoulder dress was fashionable in the 1920’s. There is no fashion or style that was not here before. The first cars were convertibles. Music has been remixed for centuries.

The only thing that has not changed and is still hot is God. Malachi 3:6 says: “I the Lord do not change…” God is not going to change. Winter, summer, fall, and spring God is still the same.

I wore the hot pants, drove the car, sang the music, and danced the dances that came out one year and were gone before the summer ended. After I had tried everything to become popular or just interesting, I tried God. God was hot then and He is still hot for the summer! He provides us with peace and a coolness that others will not be able to match. When the summer ends, He does not leave you but will be with you in all the other seasons. Yes, in summer 2016, you will still be ‘in’ if you are with God.

Try what is really hot this summer, God. For He will keep you cool in every situation, every temperature, and every problem that enters your life.

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