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Have you ever seen the TV show Supergirl? During one scene, Supergirl flies through the sky. Her beautiful blond curls flow back as her powered face looks forward. She finally lands on the ground looking like a model.

What just happened? The whole scene struck me as odd. Anytime I have ever ridden in a convertible, slid down on a roller coaster or just simply walked in the wind –my hair flips all around and I certainly don’t land anywhere looking like a super model! My hair looks matted, greasy, -in fact, if I knew I was going to be flying my hair would never even be down –I’d have it up!

Her whole appearance was entirely unrealistic. I get she’s Supergirl so maybe she has eternal beauty and perpetual model status but it got me thinking how unrealistically “put together” women are often portrayed on TV. Sometimes I think I should always look my best, like they do. Then, with that unrealistic expectation, I wake up late for work and don’t have time to perfectly place my hair. Disappointment.

Examine if you are allowing TV shows to give you subtly unrealistic expectations of yourself and others. We often compare air-brushed women to real life. God didn’t create us to conform to someone else’s standard of beauty, but to uniquely reflect aspects of His own beauty (Genesis 1:26). You, beautiful, are wonderfully made (Psalm 139:14).


Check out: Psalm 139 (NIV)

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