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I tune in to the news daily to hear what is going on in the world.  Many times, I stare in awe as I watch the headlines on the screen.  Breaking news on the latest murder and all the crime gripping the city streets.  Heated disputes over public policies, and hatred in many different fashions take top bill followed by stories depicting scandals and domestic violence.  Why is there so much bad news to report?  Why is there so much hate in the world instead of peace, love, and neighbors coming to each other’s aid in times of need?  Why aren’t people mainly showing God’s love toward each other instead of tearing each other down? 

As we are quickly approaching the Christmas season, we are reminded that all news is not bad.  The angels brought “good news” to Joseph (Matthew 1:20-21) and Mary (Luke 1:26-33) that they were chosen to be the earthly parents of Jesus.  After Jesus was born, the angels shared the good news of Jesus’ birth with the shepherds (Luke 2:8-14).

The good news continued as people encountered Jesus.  Jesus changed their lives.  Jesus met a woman gathering water at a well and after a conversation with Jesus, she not only was ready to change her sinful ways but was so moved that she ran off telling everyone about the man she just met. (John 4:1-42).

The good news of Jesus resonates today.  Jesus tells us that we are loved unconditionally (John 3:16; Romans 8:28), that we are His, and He provides for us (Matthew 6:25-27).  As you look at the news tonight, instead of focusing on the bad news you will hear, meditate on the good news of Jesus!

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