Grateful for the Gain in spite of the losses

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Starting mid-March, my world changed, just like yours. I was afraid to venture to the grocery store as I didn’t know who in the store was infected with COVID. In addition, we have had major adjustments that have disrupted our lives like our routines. My husband, who is a teacher, had to transition to teaching virtually from home. I continued to work, part-time at home, part-time at the office. At work, no one sat in the kitchen discussing the day’s challenges, or laughing about what happened over the weekend. Everyone tried to minimize contact with those around them, which resulted in eating in your office alone. On the flip side, working from home comes with the challenges of finding a quiet spot to get work done and ignore all the distractions around you. In spite of everything that has happened this year, I have to say, I still have things to be thankful for this November like new life and increased connection with family.

In May, my family rejoiced because a new baby boy was born into our family. He has been a great joy. Due to COVID, his mother can continue her studies at home instead of having to put him in daycare while she attends class. In addition, he has less of a chance of getting sick at daycare and she saves quite a bit of money on childcare.

COVID has allowed us more flexibility to spend time with family. For instance, I am able to help my parents deal with some non-COVID related medical issues. Also, my family lives in many different places. This year we had planned to hold our first family reunion, which we had to cancel due to COVID. Instead, we have had monthly family virtual meetings. This has allowed us to check on everyone, virtually see everyone at one time, hear updates on family members and spend time together that we had never done in the past.  We never thought to use the technology that way. That has been such a blessing to us.

I know COVID has taken many lives, it has taken lives of people I know and loved too. COVID has limited our ability to be there physically for the people we love when they are in need. But, I have found new ways of connecting with people and my family has found new uses for the technology. Through it all, I am continuing to understand what it means to always give thanks to God the Father for everything (Ephesians 5:20).

Count it all joy

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