How to be Thankful for NOT Seeing Friends

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Needless to say, COVID-19, isolation and depression have affected some of us. We have to lean into new ways of doing relationships if we plan to survive. Proverbs 17:17 says, “Friends love through all kinds of weather, and families stick together in all kinds of trouble.” If we need each other so much, how can I be thankful for NOT seeing my friends in person?

Growing up, I attended a church where I made some really good friends. My friends and I saw each other at church, visited each other’s homes, and spent hours talking to each other on the phone. Over the years, we developed and maintained strong friendships.

As time passed, we attended different schools, started our careers and as a result, drifted apart. We no longer hung out like we used to and lost personal contact with each other. Our once strong friendships faded.  

One day, one of my old friends began to miss the friendships she made years ago. She could not rest until she formulated a plan to reunite her childhood friends. She got busy and contacted some of us who still live in the area. We made arrangements to meet for lunch on a regular basis, rekindling our friendship. At least, that was the plan until the pandemic struck and our face to face meetups ended abruptly. We could no longer gather in a restaurant, enjoying our favorite meals and engaging in “girl talk.”

As dreadful as COVID – 19 is, I can still give thanks, because my friends and I continue to look for novel ways to socialize without visiting our favorite restaurants. We meet via ZOOM. While we miss out on having food we have extended our circle. Since we meet virtually, we now connect with childhood friends who live far away. I feel thankful as I venture into this revamped social experience with friends that I may not have ever experienced if it weren’t for these novel times! 

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