Tips on how to use your skills to save you coins

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Have you ever struggled to make wise money decisions?  Recently, I looked around at my new wall color with the old window coverings in disgust. I wanted to replace the window coverings with ones that actually coordinated with the current room color. I searched the Internet for ideas, trying to see who had the best deal to purchase some new coverings. I decided on colors and even ordered samples to see how the patterns looked in the room.  After measuring the windows, I placed the dimensions into the online order form and received a quote. Shocked at the cost of the new coverings and wanting to make wise money decisions, I knew I had to find another option!

Then I remembered the sewing machine sitting in the bottom of the closet collecting dust. I recently sewed a small gift. But before that, the last time I used the sewing machine I created the existing window coverings over 10 years ago! Thanksgiving week, I dusted off the sewing machine, frequented the fabric departments, and created two new window treatments. Realizing that the cost of sewing was only a fraction of what it would have cost me to purchase shades, I kept looking for fabric options and completed updating all the window treatments, even in rooms that did not have color changes!

I realized God gave me wisdom to spend wisely and skill to sew; therefore, I could save money, while creating something that was totally and uniquely me. The money can then be used for something else. It allowed me to spend more money on Christmas gifts for a needy family. I made a wise decision, and I was available to be used by God!  

Ecclesiastes 7:12 Wisdom is a shelter as money is a shelter, but the advantage of knowledge is this: Wisdom preserves those who have it.

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