Five Ways Against the Fear of Injustice

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There is much unrest in our nation today because of shootings, police brutality, racism, unfair trial verdicts, etc. How has incidents such as the murder of George Floyd left you feeling? How do you cope with those issues? Do fear and desires to retaliate grip you? Before allowing those emotions to take control of your mind, causing you to perhaps, display any type of destructive behavior or even harbor fear in your hearts, consider the following:

1.   Realize that as citizens, we need to seek to know and obey the laws of the land. Obeying the laws provides a person with a better chance of escaping conflict.

2.   If you should encounter a conflict with authority, it is a good idea to readily adhere to the commands given. Hopefully they will be just commands.

3.   Strive to separate facts from emotions in each circumstance, striving to see what actually is rather than what we may think.

4.   Seek ways to bring your emotions into subjection whether by therapy, exercise and relaxation, paying more attention to the present situation with possible ways of improving rather than dwelling on past injustices.

5.   Even more importantly, realize that we are all created by God, our heavenly Father, and He is aware of all injustices. If we take our cares to Him in prayer, He will help us navigate even bad circumstances.

The Bible tells us in Psalm 127:1 that except God keeps the city, the watchman watches in vain. This means that God alone ultimately oversees the well-being of our cities. No amount of human effort can compare to God’s ability to protect us.

Psalm 23:1 tells us that the Lord is the shepherd of His sheep. What does a shepherd do? He watches out for the sheep. His sheep are those who have put their trust in God by believing in the gospel of Jesus. Click here to hear more about God’s plan of Salvation.

I suggest that as you try to overcome feelings of fear around issues of injustice, allow a conversation with God to guide how you seek relief. Trusting in Jesus Christ allows Him to become your protector and as you submit your ways, thoughts and emotions to Him, your fear gives way to peace.

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