Do You See Beautiful in the Mirror?

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Do you feel beautiful? I long for my old college body, the one that was a size 8-10. In college, I had the time to workout like I wanted, and I didn’t have anyone suggesting or better yet buying, sugar laden foods that I love and find hard to resist. The size 8-10 that I prided myself on grew to something larger after the job demands, husband and kids robbed me of most of my free time. Every time I set my goal on losing weight and getting into shape, I would succeed for a while until something got me off course again. I struggled looking in mirrors to see the “new” me. I felt defeated and anxious about being seen in a bathing suit.

I had to find a way to overcome depression, shame and guilt brought on by the extra weight and find a way to feel beautiful. I knew that God and many other people loved me, not because of how I looked but because of who I am.

So I encourage you not to solely focus on outward appearance; instead spend time working on creating a better you by putting on characteristics that are pleasing to God. Try to:

1. Pray that you find or strengthen your relationship with Jesus (Proverbs 31:30)

2. Pray for self control (Galatians 5:22-23)

3. Make goals for healthy living, such as find healthy foods you like and keep those on hand

4. Keep out the foods that trigger you to overindulge

5. Find exercises that you enjoy or try new types of exercise until you find something you like then make time to do it.

I’ve decided to keep praying, keep fruit and vegetables available that I love, keep moving in the right direction even when I occasionally go off track. I am now at peace and see my beauty, inside and out.


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