To Be Loved for More than Your Body

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God created a man and a woman and with that came a mutual attraction. God did it, so it is not evil in the least. Without that attraction, the race would not have continued. Typically, a man is attracted by what he sees, however, a good man wants to get to know the whole person. If his intentions towards a woman are honorable, he’s going to want more than merely a physical relationship.

Typically, a woman is attracted by the attention she receives from a man. She often equates attention from a man because of her physical appearance with a man’s desire for a love relationship. Therefore, sometimes a woman may dress in a revealing way because she thinks it will find love. However, she often discovers that this is not the case. A man should be attracted to the person that she is, and not only to her body. If all that attracts him is her body, the day will come when that attraction is no longer there, and he will seek “greener pastures.” A woman should realize that if she has to get a man by displaying her body, she’ll have to keep him that way because he isn’t attracted to the real person inside. 

I raised a daughter, and I recognized early on that it was my responsibility to train her about what to look for in a man, and what to expect from him. I demonstrated the love of a man for his wife by the way I treated her mother. I told her early in her life that if a man didn’t treat her the way I treated her mother, she didn’t need him.

One final thought. Consider what the Bible says about how women should dress. 1 Timothy 2:9 says that godly women should dress modestly. Maybe then you’ll find that you will get the kind of attention that you want…and may even meet the man of your dreams.

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