We Are Free to Live Our Best Lives

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When I was a child and in elementary school, I would listen to a recorded album and read the illustrated book that accompanied it, Free to be You and Me, produced by the author and actress Marlo Thomas.  This magnificent work, featuring many artists of the day, left a profound message with my generation, essentially teaching us that we could achieve anything that our minds could conceive and we were not bound by limitations.

As we celebrate the Fourth of July, commemorating the birth of our nation, and freedom from tyranny, let us reflect on our freedom in Christ. (Luke 4:17-21)

Dear ones, this is your promise, straight from the heart of God.  As you walk in Christ, you are free to be whatever you wish to be, according to His will.  You are no longer chained because of your past, no matter what you may have done before you met the Savior.  Indeed, we are no longer prisoners to shame, guilt, sin, mistakes and bad thoughts.  As we celebrate the Fourth of July, known as Independence Day, we too in our spiritual lives, celebrate the fact that we are Independent from the control of the enemy of our souls.  We are free to walk in the will of a loving Lord because he has freed us through his birth, death, burial and resurrection. True freedom in Christ comes through knowing Him, being obedient to Him and walking in His ways. This freedom rises above the human freedoms desired in this world, and gives an eternal peace, knowing that we belong to a loving Savior who wants the very best for our lives.  The Lord graciously tells us this in Jeremiah 29:11.

Happy Independence, you are free to be you and I am free to be me.

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