If It’s Not For Sale Don’t Advertise It

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You are all dressed and ready to adventure into another day! What are you wearing? Do you feel fulfilled in that you think you are comfortable and, at the same time, “properly”  clad? Are you possibly exposing some body parts that would be more fitting concealed, except for, by your spouse? Do you, sometimes, dress seductively to attract the opposite sex? What do you feel may be the reason you may choose to fashion yourself in a “promiscuous” style?

You may ask, “What is promiscuous dressing”? Let’s just suggest a few areas in which this may be present:

  • form fitting clothes—tight enough to reveal each curve cranny of your body, leaving nothing for the imagination
  • extremely short skirts/dresses — too much exposure of legs and butt
  • skimpy or short tops — maybe not be fitting but leaves parts of the belly/chest exposed
  • extremely low cut tops — revealing a lot of our upper anatomy or cleavage
  • extreme sheer or lacy clothing without “appropriate” undercover — too much see through

Listed above are just a few clothing areas that could fit into the promiscuous category. Perhaps you can think of a few more. Many times we may dress to impress, but just be careful to impress in a “positive” way.

While you may be innocently dressing in such a way, be careful. Others may view the situation differently and try to take advantage of you. Understand that your body was created by God in a magnificent way. You are fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalm 139:14). You are to be respected and appreciated as such.

While we, as women, may have a desire to have a “good” appearance, we should strive to, also, maintain modesty in our dress standards. Let’s check ourselves in the mirror to see if we fit the description — attractive, but not overbearing, so as to prevent inviting the “wrong” people into our lives.

Be satisfied with your personal image. Require respect. If a man is attracted to you, let it be because of your character, rather than your promiscuity. Each day, as you clothe your body, ask yourself “Am I doing so in modesty or will I appear promiscuous?” Attempt to choose the first. Food for thought: If it’s not for sale, don’t advertise it. 

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