What Are ‘You’ Looking for in A Man?

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You spend your entire weekend listening to different types of podcasts with worldly opinions on what the man should have to be the right man for you. The world wants you to look for a man with good credit. The talk shows want you to have a man with a great body. The bloggers want you to have a man who has a job that has him making no less than six figures now or within the next five years. This man must have a stylish ride and live in a fabulous house or condominium. Of course, he must be a great dresser and able to take vacations at least two times a year.

Please do not concern yourself with what the world has told you. Your head is full of restrictions and ideas that only work for entertainment on television or YouTube. But there is a big problem with The List. Do you know what you get? You get nothing. Nothing is said from this man about marrying you. Where is the item on The List that talks about his character so that you don’t end up in an “open marriage” which is really “no marriage,” just a contract?

You, me, or any woman wants a man who will respect her. Get past the credit report and the other illusions of goodness, and realize you want a man who loves you. A good example of true love is the way Jesus Christ loved the church and gave His life for it (Ephesians 5:25). Wait on a man who wants to marry you. Proverbs 18:22 says, “He who finds a wife finds what is good and receives favor from the Lord.”

Wait for a man who has Jesus as his leader, his Lord and his Savior. That man will be humble. The other guy may have good credit and the other stuff on The List, but he treats you like yesterday’s trash. The man you want is more concerned about taking care of you and the family than material things. When the day ends, he wants to come home to you rather than hang out with the boys. He wants to work together with you to build a future. You are waiting on a man who wants to work with you to make your marriage work, not leave the first-time things get rough or uncomfortable. Together you will build your future, your house, your children, and he will lead your family. Put on your List: believes in marriage and the words said at the marriage ceremony.

Where do you locate this man? Go on your knees in prayer (Matthew 6:33).


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