Are You a Woman of Character?

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Thinking back on your life, can you recall a woman who has been a great inspiration to you? You may even want to mimic her life to a certain degree. I certainly have. She happens to be a biblical character named Ruth for whom a book was written in the Bible. She was married to the son of Naomi, a Christian (one who accepted Christ) although she was a pagan (one who had no special religion, but delighted in sensual pleasure and material goods).

Naomi, her husband and 2 sons had left their home in Bethlehem and relocated in Moab, a pagan country, due to a famine in their land. That is where the 2 sons met and married 2 pagan women, Orpah and Ruth. Naomi’s husband died and a few years later the 2 sons died. The 3 women were left as destitute widows. Naomi hears that the famine back home is over and decides to move back.  She tells her daughters in law to stay in Moab and return to their families. This is where Ruth’s life became so impressive to me.

Orpah took Naomi’s word and returned to her Moabite family. Ruth had developed a close relationship with her mother in law and decided to go to Bethlehem with her and provide for her despite overwhelming odds. She even turned from her paganistic ways and became a Christian. She gave allegiance to God while not knowing what her future held. Read Ruth 1:16 to see her loyalty to her in law. She demonstrated sacrificial, unselfish love. 

After going to Bethlehem she got a job gleaning in the barley field and was able to provide for Naomi and make her happy. This act really paid off for Ruth. She performed excellent work and impressed the owner of the field.

Customarily in those days when a husband died, a close male relative took the responsibility to take his place—even to the point of marrying the widow and giving her children. The owner of the barley field was a rich relative named Boaz. Fulfilling his duty, he took her to be his wife and her survival worries were over. She also bore him a son who became the grandfather of King David through whom’s lineage, our Savior, Jesus Christ, was born.

I admire Ruth because of her unconditional love, her loyalty, her work ethics, her trust in God, etc. She proved how one can be blessed if she/he seeks first the righteousness of God. Matthew 6:33. She showed how our day to day activities can fit in with a bigger plan that God has for us. Ruth’s outcome helps us to see if we surrender to God, He can do the unexpected and prove his love and power in our lives. Romans 8:28 tells us that all things work together for good to those who love God.

God had a purpose for Ruth. She changed from pagan to Christian and reaped many benefits from doing so. If we, likewise, make God our choice, victory will be ours. 

So I hope that whomever you may have chosen as a role model will be an encouragement to inspire you to live the best life possible and be blessed.

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