Jesus, The “Star” of the Christmas Party”

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Lights glow! Trees beautifully decorated in our houses! Wreaths and mistletoes hang on doors, walls and ceilings! Bell ringers ring bells of the season! Aromas of freshly baked pies, cakes, and cookies linger in the air! “Santa” dashes from house to house, bearing the most desired toys, games and other gifts! – – festivities, festivities, festivities all around. Oh, it must be Christmas! 

What are your thoughts about the way that we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, or “Christmas?” Do we put too much emphasis on the materialistic side of Christmas rather than the spiritual side? During this season, loads of colorful television ads flash across the screen. Stores keep their shelves full of toys, and games to attract children who relentlessly ask their parents to purchase them. 

While we are marveling about our wonderful, materialistic gifts, we leave Jesus  saying, “What about  the gift that is being commemorated, the gift God has given to the world, my life for the redemption of humanity.” Let us not get so wrapped up in the hustle and bustle of shopping, decorating, and entertaining that we forget to invite Jesus, our Savior, to the “party.” Let us share the spirit of Christmas (love) each and every day of our lives. Since it is Christ’s birthday, why not give Him a gift— make him the “star” of the “party”? 

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