Take a Journey from Self-Doubt to Hope

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Often in life so many obstacles are just thrown at us. Some situations are totally out of our control. We often feel as though we cannot handle them. The downside of disappointments can leave us emotionally drained. At that point we find ourselves searching for answers, and in the process, we often compare ourselves with others, which can take us deeper into hopelessness as we search for a better version of ourselves to ease our minds. Finally, we make the mistake of allowing our circumstances to determine our outlook on our worldview, as well as our value systems. We ask ourselves questions like, What is wrong with me? Why can’t I get ahead in life? and of course, the big question which is, Am I worth anything?

Seeing Ourselves From God’s Perspective

It is in those moments of doubt, we must turn our attention to something other than our limited subjective opinions. Our understanding of life has to give way to a perspective that can see us from a vantage point of supernatural proportions. If we could see ourselves the way God sees us, we could see beyond the immediate. When life gets dark, God has given us His Word because there is hope and understanding in God’s Word for every situation in our lives. It is imperative that we tap into God’s Word to understand that we are worth something to Him because He created each of us for a purpose before the foundation of the world.

Psalm 139:15 says, my frame was not hidden from You, when I was made in secret, and skillfully wrought in the lowest parts of the earth. Read the entire psalm from verse 1-24 for a deeper understanding.

The Counter Cultural Journey to Hope

Jeremiah 29:11 assures us that He knows the plans for our lives, and they are not to hurt us, but to bring us to an expected hopeful end with Him. If we could see life from God’s view, it may be easier to believe that the future holds hope for our lives when we are feel so lost. But we have God telling us in His Word what the view is looking like. Embrace His plans for your life, believe His plans for your life, and above all do not rely on your thoughts in any situations that are constantly knocking you off your feet!

Keep foremost in your mind the fact that God is not surprised about anything that pertains to you. Know that your steps matter to Him. If whatever you have been told in life, and whatever you have believed in life is not a determination of circumstances for you. The fact remains that Jesus Christ shed His blood on the cross for our sins, and that is what matters most. When the voices declare that you are not worth anything, the Lord Jesus Christ counters that declaration. He extends His Word to your very soul that you were worth dying for. It does not matter how you are viewed by others because of your past or present behaviors. Know that your future is with Jesus Christ.

I encourage you to make the most important decision of your life today. Seek the Lord while he may be found; call on him while he is near (Isaiah 55:6).

Finally, because you are His creation, you are valuable. Because you are His creation, you are accepted by Jesus Christ, and He is the One that matters most. Always remember how special you are.

Are you worth anything? YES

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