Falling in Love

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The day before I met him I didn’t know I would. Even when I met him I didn’t know who he was. When I kept seeing him on campus and he’d speak I didn’t know why. My friends and I would talk about meeting a guy but who knows which day that will really happen?

I think waiting becomes so much a part of our norm until when somebody comes he gets in the way. We eventually realize that he is the subject of the countless hours of conversation with our friends. This mystery man suddenly has a face. Our turn has finally come. When we talk to our girlfriends we can call him by name. Our status changes from “single” to “double” –until we become “married.”

The whole process happens so gradually until the day comes when we want all of our days to include that person. He becomes a fixture in our lives like the air we breathe. The thought of losing him would knock the wind out of us. He becomes our new norm.

The norm of God’s heart is His unconditional everlasting love for us. What else but His love for us would cause Him to sacrifice His own life for the chance to have a relationship with you and me? The Bible says in Acts 2:21, “Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.” Who knows, yesterday could have been the day before you met a new love of your life.

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