Interracial Marriages

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I was listening to the Yolanda Adams show one morning as they talked about the increase in the number of interracial marriages. They asked people to state the best thing about an interracial marriage. One person mentioned that it resulted in the coming together of different cultures, providing a first hand appreciation of another way of life.

I saw a movie last year about an interracial couple that decides to get married. With a strong dose of comedy, their families try to get to know each other and combine their cultures and traditions into a wedding ceremony. In the end, you see the wedding with Hispanic traditions and music alternating with African American traditions and music.

The increase of interracial relationships should be considered positive especially if it increases our tolerance of other people. Many times we do not like other people because we don’t understand why they do things the way they do them. Besides, what makes the way we do things so right?

God, in a sense, tolerates our rebellious ways; even when we don’t like the way He does things. Romans 5:8 reads, “But God demonstrates His own love towards us, in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.” Even before we gave up our rebellious ways, God decided to love us anyway by providing Christ as a way for us to be reconciled with Him. If you have not decided to become a Christian yet, thank God for being as tolerant as He is.

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