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Harvey’s Act Like A Lady makes you think and rethink what you just read. I had to figure out what made the whole of what I read difficult to accept. On one hand I believe what he says represents malekind. On the other hand, something left a bad taste in my mouth. He laces just enough truth with a lot of male baggage and tries to sell it all as “the gossip.”

In Chapter Three (I’m really on Chapter 3 this time) Harvey shares his top three “Male Needs” list. He starts his discussion with a preface about how needy women are in an attempt to compare us to the simplicity of men. He says that men simply need support, loyalty/love and sex. So simple, right?

Though he clearly identifies them, he says our needs are not so simple. He is right about the fact that some of us need to be mature enough to know which needs a man can fulfill. This bit of truth combined with his argument that women don’t know how to catch and keep a man support his conclusion that men cannot and should not have to supply our fickle needs.

If a man knows to do something but does not do it, he’s wrong.  (James 4:17) Question, “What type of man is Harvey talking about?” What kind of man are you willing to accept? Of course that depends on your relationship with Jesus Christ.

His discussion on sex is a blog for another day.

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