A Few Good Men

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Where are the good men? What makes them “good?” Do they even exist? In my relatively brief journey in life I had to trust in the concept of a “good” man before I actually personally got to know one. After conversations with them and even seeing movies that depict them, I have a better understanding of who they are.

I have had to develop a new way of relating to men who have my best interest in mind. See, good men do not see woman as prey. They actually open doors because they respect us and say nice things because they just want us to have a good day. This may seem like a novel idea in light of the portrait of men Steve Harvey has been painting in Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man. (see previous blogs)Typically instead of having to depend on a Harvey for advice, our own personal tutors called fathers would teach us about men. Sadly, another result of absent fathers is this absent tutor.

So then how else can we learn about men? I asked God to teach me about men and how to relation to them. I asked him to teach me how to care for them. A large part of that journey had to do with me getting to know God. God became my role model. He became my Father. Psalm 68:5 says that, “God is a father to the fatherless.” I began to notice that good men resemble my Father.

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