MLK Day: Part II

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Rev. Martin Luther King rose to the status of a civil rights leader from a springboard that seems unlikely at first glance. However his interest in biblical principles fueled his fight for racial equality. Our desire for justice penetrates all of human existence because our Creator instilled it in us.

The same heart that shaped the preacher drove the freedom fighter. And that’s exactly what it took to bravely face the cruel reality of racism. He owned the boldness and will to sacrificially give his life, not only in his death but while he was alive, living daily in the face of death.

Perhaps injustice remains one of the hardest truths to understand. We search the sky for the swift response to brutality only to helplessly succumb to the power of the oppressor.

No human explanation is good enough to explain evil. In spite of our foggy view of life, God is still in charge. Our desire for justice comes straight from our Creator Who will award each of us according to our actions. However, there is one caveat.

While our Creator is a God of justice, He is also a God of love. God’s great mission is to free us from the penalty of sin by sending Jesus. By placing our faith in Christ who in our behalf paid the penalty, justice is satisfied and God remains just. Perhaps it was Martin Luther King’s understanding of the big fight for justice that empowered him to fight for racial justice.

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