Waiting until Marriage?

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One book I recently read struck home. Multiple women had fallen for this one man over the years, all believing that he loved them and was ready to marry them, even though his track record was to “love” for a little while, then move on to the next person. Now it was apparent to outsiders that he didn’t love the women he was dating, but to the young women who was the current object of his affection, she was clueless and therefore readily compliant to meet his needs. It made me wonder why was this the case? How come she could not see what was happening? Even though this situation is fiction, you see it happening every day.

When I was in college, sex was a big part of dating for a lot of people. But I think the sexes view it differently. Guys quickly realize that most women want to feel loved, so they throw around the word “love” while wooing you to reach their goal of getting pleasure for themselves. You see, the guy’s goal is to have sex, while women tend to value the relationship and therefore, comply with the guy’s request for sex. And if a young lady does not comply, the guy just moves on to the next person, because many times they have limits on the numbers of dates the girl has to give it up before she is dumped. What does that say about how he feels about you?

The Bible says in 1 Corinthians 13:4-5 “Love is patient, love is kind…., love is not self-seeking, ….” You can find your true love without sex as that is how God planned it. Love should not be used as an excuse to fulfill a night a pleasure, but enjoyed only after finalizing the martial commitment. Take your time, be patient, God loves you and has a husband waiting for you who will wait to consummate the marriage until after you say “I do!”

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