Baby Daddy…Rewind!

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A while ago on Facebook I saw an interesting post from my cousin. She grew up without her father and she missed having him in her life. She wanted the brothers to know how much a child needs his or her father. I agree with her and I want to add a shout out to the ladies. Let’s take some of the responsibility too. When we pick our men we need to do a mental fast forward to the day the pregnancy test reads positive. What about this man makes us think his fine looking smooth-talking self will hang around to take care of his child? If we can take a minute to think past the anticipated good feeling to consider the long term, perhaps we would find ourselves less disappointed. Finding him out upfront beats expecting him to change afterwards. And it decreases the tear count. One of my favorite scripture that has helped me in this area is Psalm 37:3, “Trust in the Lord…feed on His faithfulness.” Men can deceive us but depending on God helps us identify which men are really worth our time. I agree that men need to be encouraged to take responsibility for their actions but as women we play a big part by choosing the men we invite into our lives. Let me suggest that inviting Jesus into your life is a wise choice. He doesn’t want to be your man. He wants to be your Lord and Savior. Do you know Him?

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