You Are Not Alone

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I have three friends that were abused as teenagers. All three by people they knew and felt powerless to stop. Two kept silent for their mother’s sake- one was her mother’s boyfriend, soon to be husband, and the other by a cousin, son of her aunt and uncle, her only family members in town, where she stayed regularly while her mother worked. The third was a family friend. In all cases, adult males violated teenage young ladies. Unfortunately, these are not unique situations.

These young ladies and many like them, struggle with varying degrees of shame, anger, lack of trust, low self-esteem and sometimes even grief.

Shame- Because no one wants to admit what happened to you- like something is wrong with you. However, you were not wrong, so you have no reason to be ashamed.
Anger- Angry that you were powerless to stop what was happening to you.
Lack of trust as someone you thought should not harm you, but did.
Low self-esteem especially if your abuser told you negative things to keep the abuse a secret- Always remember it is not your fault
Grieving the childhood and innocence that was taken from you.

You can get through this; you can find freedom from all the negativity in your life. God speaks to us in 1 Peter 5:7 saying “Cast all your anxiety on Him because He cares for you.” Tell God how you are feeling and let Him care for you and help you find the peace, joy and happiness again in your life. You are not alone.

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