Dinah’s Story

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The Bible gives us an account of a young lady named Dinah who suffered the tragedy of rape. The Bible tells us in Genesis 34 that the man who raped her asked her father if he could marry her. I have read the account of Dinah’s tragedy many times and I tend to go with Dinah’s brothers on this one. The Lord is still working on me.

So, Dinah’s brothers found out that she was raped and of course they were mad. They devised a plan to get back at their sister’s rapist. Long story short, Dinah’s brothers attacked and killed the man who raped their sister and every man in his city. They really didn’t like the fact that their sister was raped and the people in the surrounding area knew it.

The Bible sometimes gets a bad reputation when it comes to the treatment of women. However, Dinah’s brothers obviously felt that their sister deserved some type of justice for what was done to her. They assigned worth to her. In addition, perhaps their actions sent a message that if someone mistreats a woman who may seem defenseless, their defender will rise up on her behalf. That’s what the law is supposed to do for us. The law is suppose to be our line of defense that sends a message to a would-be-rapist that he will regret violating a seemingly defenseless woman. But ladies we have to report the crime. You are worth protecting and defending!

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