Cleaning Life’s Hurts

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One of the most difficult times of my life was when the man I thought I would spend my life with decided that that wasn’t exactly what he had in mind. I was devastated. Later after I had taken the hard tough journey of “know thyself” I discovered that I had built my self-worth on his admiration. When he stopped admiring me it was as though my world fell apart. Honestly I did not really like the guy but I was in love with how much I thought he loved me. So you can imagine my surprise when HE dumped ME.

So I’m laying on my bed depressed, unable to muster up even enough strength to clean house. I remember how gentle God was with me. He gave me time to hurt. When that time was over He did not ask me to clean the whole house. He said, “Just sweep the floor.” So I swept the floor. One day as I swept the floor I noticed something else that needed to be done so I did that too. As I cleaned my house God cleansed my heart. He put the little pieces of my shattered heart back together in the right places. He gave me time to heal. As I spent time reading the Bible, God convinced me in my heart that I could depend on His love and faithfulness. (Psalm 37:3) God has since given me a man who allows God to love me through him.

This month’s theme is Spring Cleaning Your Life. Come with us on a countercultural journey into the topic of renewal. We pray that you will allow God to take you gently on the sometimes rough journey of cleansing.


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