The Complexities of Domestic Violence

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Last year I wrote a blog for Aspire 2 about the church serving victims of domestic violence. One lady responded to this perplexing issue that a woman should be counseled to FLEE without exception, implying that she should divorce her husband. I agree, if you are not married and a man abuses you, FLEE without exception and report his butt because he has committed a crime. However, if you are married, FLEE, report his butt and seek counsel regarding your marriage, and how the both of you can heal. Approach the subject of divorce reverently, understanding God’s Word and His will for your life.

One thing we should all agree on without exception is that domestic violence is an unacceptable behavior. As I worked in the domestic violence arena, I witnessed the brokenness of life. I wish that I could have fixed every heart and mended every wound but I am a mere human. What I can do is direct people to the One who promises to heal them. What I can do is walk alongside someone as they go through the healing process. What I cannot do is suggest they do something other than what is detailed in Scripture, regardless of how good the idea sounds. God alone has the Words that can heal a life.

Selecting a husband is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. Know that God wants women to be loved and safe. God says that a woman deserves to be loved by a man who is willing to sacrifice his own life for her benefit. (Ephesians 5:28, 29) God loves us, even through the men we love.

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