Plant Hope & Reap the Love of Your Life

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I met this guy at church and I thought we really had something going. (Have I told y’all this story already?) Anyway, one day I thought I needed to affirm (versus explain since I met him at church and all) the physical boundaries of our relationship. After our talk he disappeared. But I thought we were falling in love… RIGHT?

People define love many different ways. In Hollywood love looks like romance, sex and happiness. The Bible shows us that God’s love includes commitment, sacrifice and blessings. God sacrificed His only Son because He is committed to our well being (eternal life= check out John 3:16). I imagine God loves the romantic side of love too since He gave it to us as a gift. But what kind of love would you want to receive when conflict enters your relationship, like it inevitably will? Would you want the kind that is around only in good times or a commitment that endures even when you’re acting your ugliest? When we learn to love, we should commit to love forever.

Most times, the kind of love we give determines the kind of love we get. True, guys approach anybody but the ones who linger stick around because we give them cause to hope. We can give them cause to hope for romance, sex and happiness which can be rather temporary. Or we can offer a deeper, more meaningful relationship filled with commitment, sacrifice and a desire to enhance our loved one’s life.

Your Turn: Being open about my physical boundaries helped me separate the good guys from those who were looking for a temporary fix. What about you? Do you have advice to share to help a sister identify a good man worth falling for?

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